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Omena, MI
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Larry is an Artist based in Northern Michigan. He creates the three dimensional work by making a wooden frame and structure and using painting processes to embellish the form. Larry's work stems from his architectural education background and his love of the urban and natural environment. His work can be found in private and corporate collections around the country.

The Making Of


Step 1  •  Wooden frame constructing basic sculptural form 


Step 2  •  More Decorative and sculptural additions to basic form 


Step 3  •  Sanding of sculptural form to refine product


Step 4  •  Addition of french cleat bracket to the back for hanging


Step 5  •  Textured elements added ontop of basic form  (+canvas, veneer)


Step 6  •  Base coat of black acrilic paint 


Step 7  •  Artistic brushwork in various colors


Step 8  •  Clear coat to protect from wear and tear, light moisture, and sun


Step 9  •  Work sold and installed



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